Classic Burlesque Act

Classic burlesque is the ultimate experience of ‘the art of the tease’. Madame Romanova turns the ritual of undressing into a true theatrical performance, stylish and elegant!

This show lasts 7 minutes and can be performed in three variations. Choose the one that best suits your event. 


The shine of gold and sparkle of crystals create a luxurious atmosphere in this classic burlesque act. It’s a great addition to luxury celebrations: from birthdays to grand openings, anniversaries, and New Year’s Eve!

Pink Seduction

This feminine and seductive burlesque act is suitable for birthdays, gentlemen’s nights, and James Bond 007 themed parties.

Roman Noir

This Burlesque act is like a scene from ‘Film Noir’: jazz music, low light, and femme fatale. It goes well with themed parties like Mafia Night or Tuxedo party.



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