Burlesque Sunday in Rotterdam – every first Sunday


Burlesque Sunday in Rotterdam – every first Sunday When I started my burlesque journey in 2008 there was not yet much information on how to create a burlesque act, such as what is suitable and what is not. After visiting local burlesque shows (some of which had international performers) and reviewing every available video on […]

Mata Hari and “The Art of the Tease”


Mata Hari and “The Art of the Tease” I don’t remember when or where I first heard the name, of exotic dancer, Mata Hari and her unusual true-life story who was convicted of being a double spy during World War I, then executed by firing squad in France, but somehow it feels like I’ve known her my entire life. In 2017, a hundred years after Mata Hari’s execution the secret files […]

Eerbetoon aan Sally Rand


Eerbetoon aan Sally Rand Dear Burlesque friends, many times I have been asked a question about my experience with Feather Fan Dancing. In this blog I would like to share a few tricks with you. Let’s take a look to the past where it all started. In 1930s American Burlesque icon Sally Rand made Feather Fan […]

Mijn gloednieuwe website


Mijn gloednieuwe website Hallo iedereen!!! Mijn gloednieuwe website www.MadameRomanova.com is eindelijk klaar! Met veel dank aan Konstantin Youdenko van youdenko.com die geweldig werk heeft verricht!!!