Burlesque Sunday in Rotterdam – every first Sunday


Burlesque Sunday in Rotterdam – every first Sunday When I started my burlesque journey in 2008 there was not yet much information on how to create a burlesque act, such as what is suitable and what is not. After visiting local burlesque shows (some of which had international performers) and reviewing every available video on […]

Mata Hari and “The Art of the Tease”


Mata Hari and “The Art of the Tease” I don’t remember when or where I first heard the name, of exotic dancer, Mata Hari and her unusual true-life story who was convicted of being a double spy during World War I, then executed by firing squad in France, but somehow it feels like I’ve known her my entire life. In 2017, a hundred years after Mata Hari’s execution the secret files […]

Sally Rand Tribute


Sally Rand Tribute Dear Burlesque friends, many times I have been asked a question about my experience with Feather Fan Dancing. In this blog I would like to share a few tricks with you. Let’s take a look to the past where it all started. In 1930s American Burlesque icon Sally Rand made Feather Fan Dance […]

My brand new website


My brand new website Hi everyone!!! My brand new website www.MadameRomanova.com finally is up and running! Special thanks to Konstantin Youdenko from youdenko.com who did an amazing job!!!