Madame Romanova brings her elegant burlesque acts to stages around the world!



Romanova’s passion for Burlesque was born from the idea of ’empowering woman’. Her biggest inspiration in creating Burlesque acts is women with a strong personality, a femme fatale, a style icon with a blueprint on the history, such as Cleopatra, Mata Hari and Sally Rand. Women who are stubborn feminists fighting for their rights, but at the same time they are loving mothers, sensual and feminine.

“I believe that all women around the world should have the same rights as men and that women should be strong enough to make their own decisions in lives, regardless of their race, nationality, where they come from, their age and status. In my Burlesque acts I portray a strong confident woman, who has control over her life, while at the same time having fun! With Burlesque I express myself. With Burlesque I celebrate femininity and want to empower women. It is my absolute passion”, says Romanova.

Romanova was the first Dutch Burlesque performer at the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend (BHoF) in Las Vegas, which is the most prestigious and respected burlesque event in the world!

Romanova was chosen to be a show architect for Montblanc’s private event in Rotterdam and the main showgirl for Piper Heidsieck’s promo tour 2011 in Belgium.


2015 Queen of Classic Burlesque at Amsterdam Burlesque Award

2015 Best Classic Act at Italy Queen Burlesque Festival

2014 First runner up Burlesque Queen Rouge

2012 First runner up Burlesque Queen Paris


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